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Located in the centre of Downtown Kyoto city!!

Best location

Easily walk to and from the hostel

To most major points of interest: Shopping, World Class Gourmet dining and local Cheap Eats, Bar District, and Clubs, Discos, Bars, Izakaya and more...

Good services & prices

You name it and we got it!

Save money and stay with us! we got single, doubles, dorms with groove ambient + free wifi connection and all you need to enjoy Kyoto and have fun : )

Booking for groups

Accommodation for all types of group

We are perfectly prepared for accomodating all kinds of groups. With many years of experience, we understand travellers need and group bookings.

Welcome to Kyoto Bakpak Hostel

Central Kyoto, cheap backpacker’s accommodation!

Centrally located in the Downtown Kyoto city but also giving visitors the luxurious advantage of being in front of the spectacular Kamogawa River.

Just across the street is Kawarachi – Kiyamachi and close beside is Gion, the Kyoto Geisha district and Minamiza Theater (the birth place of kabuki).

The main Kyoto shopping center, the bustling night life of Kiyamachi – kiyamachi and Gion (kyoto Geisha town) are on the hostel's doorstep.

These places are the "it" circuit of Kyoto. Undisputedly the finest places for nightlife and culture. The area is teeming with restaurants, supermarkets, pubs, bars and karaoke houses, entertainment halls and much much more all waiting to give you a warm welcome. The cool breeze from the river and the hostels manufacture ensures you get good nights sleep.

For the adverturous daylight explorers there are some of Japan`s most famous and arguably most important cultural spots such as: Gion, Kyoto imperial palace, Kiyomizu temple, Kenninji Temple, yasaka shrine, maruyama park, Kyoto Ebisu shrine and Kyoto Minamiza Theater (the birth place of kabuki). This is where you can gain the authentic Japanese experience. Its a great place to snap up some authentic Japan photographs too!!!

Revelers and party animals bust out moves

Food, drink and entertainment is all minutes from the Gion Hostel

With the hordes of Japanese that frequent this area. Anything goes, so get dressed up and bust out your best moves in either Kiyamachi or Gion followed by a midnight stroll along the Kamogawa river banks to enjoy the view and cool breeze.

There are no worries about transport arrangements. This hostel is just a stones throw away from where you want to be. So you can easily walk to and from the hostel each day. Kyoto Bakpak Hostel - "Where people meet to explore and enjoy the rich culture of Kyoto"! from where you want to be. Kyoto also has a great public transportation system so save time and see more going on the bus.

We are waiting for you to come and experience the city Japan calls “the SOUL of Japan”.

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